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Master Informatik - rwth aachen university Fachgruppe
well-known strengths of Japan and the new capabilities provided by process mining. Given the effectiveness and success of these tools, it is good to understand the basics of process mining. Note that for the Depth Oral Colloquium you have to register personally in ZPA. Business Process Intelligence (BPI Advanced Process Mining (APM and Introduction to Data Science (IDS). The Toyota Production System is a well-known example of this. A registration with ZPA is mandatory before the exam date. Technical computer science: technical computer science, operating systems and systems software, data communication and security.

The information on external theses apply to Master's Theses as well. We will show you the way and provide you with detailed information about starting studies. Organizational Information in the section Bachelor's Thesis and Colloquium. Note that on the examination sheet you have to sign that you are registered with ZPA. The elective courses include lectures, seminars, a practial, and a focus colloquium.

For requesting an exam slot, contact the pads secretariat per with the subject Depth Oral Colloquium (Schwerpunkt-kolloquium) and provide the following details: First name, last name, matriculation number, study program. For example, if the applicant has written his or her Bachelors thesis in English, this is typically accepted as sufficient proof of proficiency in English. This is probably due to the fact that the value of process models is limited when these models are not connected to the actual data. Theoretical computer science: formal systems, automata and processes, and calculability and complexity, mathematical logic. Based on the application documents, the examination board will decide on whether the applicant meets the above educational admission requirements. Grades of the taken courses and relevant artifacts. Please bring the following documents with you to the exam: Your official identification document (identity card, passport or driving license), rwth student identity card, Examination sheet which you have filled out. Process mining techniques use event data to show what people, machines, and organizations are really doing. I would like to thank him for doing a great job of translating this book.

Important Information, the departmental advisor has set up a mailing list through which Master's and Bachelor's students in computer science are informed of important information, including dates and events, changes to examination regulations, and more. Celonis has successfully adopted the process discovery, conformance checking, and operational support ideas described in this book. The core of the program is an elective component encompassing 90 credits. Examination Sheet, please download our examination sheet, fill it in, and bring it with you to the exam. I would also like to thank Celonis for supporting this initiative, in particular Jerome Geyer-Klingeberg who made the connections needed to make this possible. In their thesis students demonstrate that they can independently address and investigate a problem in computer science using scientific methods. The third module can be one more of these electives, or your seminar or practical lab topic organized by pads.

You must submit your entrance qualification for Master's studies or MZB to enroll in a Master's courses of study. This translation would not have been possible without Kimio Momose, advisor of Celonis and a member of Mitsubishi Research Institute (MRI). Note that the courses, seminars, and labs are given by different people and that the content changes over time, so it is good to provide sufficient information. You can find the descripton of the required profile in the related exam regulation. It offers students a flexible opportunity to shape their studies. Therefore, I am grateful that there is now a Japanese translation of my process-mining book. We highly recommend that all computer science students sign up on the mailing list. One of the customers is Siemens where over 6000 employees use their process mining software.

Note that these should have been taken at the Master level (i.e., BPI should not be taken as a Bachelor course). The admission requirements are defined in Section 3 of the. Please also indicate the grades for the courses you took and provide all artifacts (reports, etc.) you created in these courses (next to the grades). The courses offered cover a broad spectrum of subjects includng algorithms and complexity; automata and logic; software engineering, modelling, and verification; computer graphics; multimedia and human-machine interaction; computer-aided learning; databases and data exploration; imbedded systems; high performance computing; communication systems; artificial intelligence;. I also hope it will lead to new connections between practitioners and academics in Japan and the broader BPM and process mining communities. Dates for the Depth Oral Colloquium need to be planned carefully. Please pay attention to the schedule.

Mathematics: Discrete mathematics, analysis for computer scientists, linear algebra, numerical mathematics, applied stochastics. Master introduction event - Slides, here you can find the recent slides to the introduction event for Master students of Computer Science: The typical length of study for the Master's course of study is four semesters. In recent years, the adoption of process mining in practice increased rapidly. Office Hours, please write an email, admission Requirements. In fact, the traditional strengths of Japan provide an excellent match with the topic of process mining. However, given the wide applicability of process mining, its usage is spreading out over the rest of the world.

To ensure a higher degree of interdisciplinary skills, 18 of the 90 credits are in an elective subject of application, such as business administration, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, or mathematics. Please do so well in advance - availability of exam slots is limited and needs to be planned. This resulted in an amazing quality and productivity boost. The elective compenent is supplemented with a six-month Master's thesis totaling 30 credits. The first thing you should is look at rwth Aachen's courses of study. Students are required to complete a total of 120 credits. Process managers, six-sigma consultants, process analysts, data scientists, auditors, and consultants should have a good understanding of this novel technology.

However, process mining has changed this. I hope that this translation will trigger new process mining initiatives in Japan. Program according to Section.2 includes the skills and competencies in: Applied computer science: programming, data structures and algorithms, databases and information systems, software engineering. Further, practical achievements or language skills in accordance with the exam regulations in the case of a Master course of study with restricted admission, that is a Master with NC, the study placement acceptance or admissions letter. In case of questions, contact the pads Secretariat. Process mining provides novel insights that can be used to identify and address performance and compliance problems. If you are writing a Master thesis at our chair, then please mention your topic name and the advisor name. This information applies to prospective students with a German university entrance qualification for Master's studies. Without complete information, your request is not handled.

If you are not registered, there will be no exam. International Perspective Students, all other international perspective students can find relevant information under. Furthermore, the applicant has to provide evidence of the required language skills in German and English as defined in Section 3 of the. Registering the Exam with ZPA, after reserving an exam slot, register at ZPA (Central Exam Registry, Zentrales Prfungsamt) for the Depth Oral Colloquium! Japan is well known for its leading role in quality management, lean manufacturing, and process improvement. This must be both quantitatively and qualitatively equivalent to the required technical background knowledge. Two of them have to be pads courses,.e. The roots of process mining are in Europe where the research on process discovery from event logs started in the late nineties.

Assuming all is correct and complete, the pads secretariat confirms the course combination subsequently and will offer you an exam slot. After the Second World War, Japan decided to make quality improvement a national imperative as part of rebuilding their economy. Therefore, I am very happy and excited that there is now also a Japanese version of this book. Course Combinations, the Depth Oral Colloquium should comprise at least three modules (comprising 12 - 18 credits). Registering an Exam Date. More information on this topic can be found. It is interesting to see how ideas first developed in open-source tools like ProM, get transferred to the dozens of available commercial process mining tools. Despite Japan's leadership in quality management, lean manufacturing, and process improvement, there has been surprisingly little attention for Business Process Management (BPM). The program is made up of modules.

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