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ein neugieriger Problemlser (w/m/d)? Li,., George,., Ngao,., Hollnder,., Mayer,., Butz,. Due to the rise of mobile computing and VR applications, mesh simplification becomes a critical phase in 3D modeling for reducing the rendering complexity of a model. Begleiten und untersttzen Sie uns mit Ihrem Know-how dabei: Bachelorand Masterand Softwareentwicklung (wmd)Wir actico GmbH Immenstaad Wirtschaftsinformatik, Informatik, Wirtschaftswissenschaft Job - Einstieg: Bachelorarbeiten Bei der algorithmischen Verarbeitung von EKG Signalen ist es von Bedeutung, Schlge mit einem geringen Zeitversatz zu detektieren. The availability of these devices offers novel opportunities for user authentication, as well as raises privacy concerns and potential novel security attacks. The aim of the thesis is to explore the interaction and visualization techniques for social gatherings. Hoppe,., DeRose,., Duchamp,., McDonald,., Stuetzle,. In particular, the aim is to investigate gestures that are carried out by holding the arm against the body, instead of reaching out with the arm. Like other personal data, we think that users' personality data might be captured in the future without users' knowledge and out of their control.

AI and music: From composition to expressive performance. Calm Commute: Guided Slow Breathing for Daily Stress Management in Drivers. GravitySpot is a system that guides users to specific spots in front of large interactive displays using cues that implicitly guide users. User research: Adequately inform the design choices by assessing and considering needs and preferences of a variety of target user groups. Das Wissen rund um Bewerbungsunterlagen und das Vorstellungsgesprch ist eine Sache - eine andere, viel wichtigere, ist das aktive Bewerbungstraining - nutze unsere Bewerbungsseminare, um deine Bewerbung zu optimieren. Im Allgemeinen beschreibt die Effizienz eines Systems den Aufwand, welchen ein Nutzer erbringen muss, um eine bestimmte Aufgabe zu erfllen. Mit rund.200 Mitarbeitenden gelten wir als Inbegriff der Innovation im Kunststoffbereich. Surface simplification using quadric error metrics. In diesem Einzelpraktikum soll der Einfluss der verschiedenen Authentifizierungsphasen auf die Effizienz untersucht werden.

Tasks You can choose between different tasks: Configuring and working on the server, its scalability and stability, as well as the data base (MariaDB) Working on the internal web based front end of the server, which depicts the current status. Wer es noch einfacher mag: Du registrierst Dich und lasst Dich von Unternehmen ansprechen. R., Chew,., Thurmond,. On the other hand, once we are settled in, the latter makes it hard for us to focus - on a working task, a conversation, or our own imagination. You will be working as part of a team of researchers and students from these domains. Thereby a designer must carefully dealing with these result and sometimes manually fix these errors. Bachelorthesis im Bereich Technik/ Forschung und Entwicklung GEM Gebr Mller Apparatebau GmbH Co Kommanditgesellschaft Ingelfingen Forschung Entwicklung, Informatik, Maschinenbau, Elektrotechnik, Elektronik, Mechatronik, Mechanik, Informationssysteme und Datenbanken Job - Einstieg: Bachelorarbeiten Wir suchen Untersttzung zu wichtigen Zukunftsthemen am Standort Niedernhall-Waldzimmern.

Dabei ist neben der reinen Existenz dieser Phasen auch das Verhltnis der Phasen zueinander magebend fr die User Experience. Erhalte kostenlos die neuesten Job - Empfehlungen von uns fr diese Suchanfrage bequem per E-Mail. 721 gefundene Eintrge 1 /. Tasks: Development of interaction concepts for the handling of AI/generative systems in a musical context. We're looking for a practical research student for user research and UI design in the context of an interdisciplinary research project at the intersection of Physics, Biology, and Computer Science. Fachrichtung, informatik 59, jobs, informatik (Info) 1804, unternehmen, informatik (Info in der Vergangenheit haben 1804 Unternehmen aus der Region mit Fachbereich Informatik bei Berufsstart Nachwuchskrfte gesucht. How they try to trick' the algorithm. Ambition to delve into hardware and software.

Therefore we have to find ways to interact with systems that are able to make their own decisions and have their own creative mind. . Mohamed Khamis GravitySpot.0: Guiding Multiple Users in Front of Public Displays Using On-Screen Visual Cues Description In this project, the student will extend a previous project called GravitySpot ( link ; video ; talk ). One measure of smartphone use is scrolling (e.g., the distance and duration of scrolling the feed on Facebook). Below from which you can choose. Evaluation of the prototype by means of one (or more) interactive display applications.

Dann melde Dich gerne hier: artiso solutions GmbH Julia Geiselmann Oberer Wiesenweg 25, 89134 Blaustein Telefon: 07304 / 803-0 Wir bieten eine Bachelor-Thesis Informatik artiso solutions GmbH Blaustein Informatik, Software-Technologie Job - Einstieg: Bachelorarbeiten Zur Erarbeitung eines strategischen Konzepts zu Online Verkaufsplattformen. Im Rahmen dieser Arbeit soll ein Test-Framework geschaffen werden, welches Beat-Detektoren klassifizieren kann. Bachelorarbeit - Telekommunikation 5G (m/w/d) MicroNova AG Vierkirchen Wirtschaftsinformatik, Informatik, Telekommunikation, Elektrotechnik, Mathematik, Physik, Technische Informatik, Technische Physik, Mathematik, Physik Job - Einstieg: Bachelorarbeiten Standort: Mnchen/Vierkirchen Wir entwickeln hoch innovative Software-Lsungen zur Konfiguration von Mobilfunknetzen. Initial Reading List Marks,., Ruml,., Ryall,., Seims,., Shieber,., Andalman,., Pfister,. In the near future Artificial Intelligences will become evenly equal partners in music making scenarios. . Details MT Beat Rossmy Irreversible Actions as a Design Strategy User interfaces facilitate interaction with digital content. An Exploration of Users Thoughts on Rear-Seat Productivity in Virtual Reality. Examples include but are not limited to adapting the display of content and arrangement of interactive elements based on touch behavior, changing interaction modality, approaches to initiate cleaning the display, as well as psycho-education. Background in human-computer interaction, information visualization, and/or user interface design.

Bachelorarbeit Praxissemester/ Examensarbeit Analytics arburg GmbH Co KG Loburg Wirtschaftsinformatik, Konstruktionstechnik Job - Einstieg: Bachelorarbeiten Gehre zu der besten IT-Beratung Deutschlands. Expressive AI: A hybrid art and science practice. Deswegen gibt es hier keine Liste mit feststehenden Themen; wenden Sie sich bei Interesse stattdessen. Review of previous work on interaction with public displays is necessary. Dafur wird einKonzept entwickelt, um Stress bei Einsatzkrften der Feuerwehr zu berwachen und managen. AI magazine, 23(3. Within this thesis, we want to develop and evaluate whether setting up a particular smartphone environment,.e., customising the smartphone screen and functionality (wallpaper, color scheme, app layout, etc.) improves our focus and simultaneously encourages detachment.

Useful Link Details BT/MT Rivu Radiah, Prof. Details MT Luke Haliburton, Ville Mkel Combating Excessive Scrolling on Smartphones Description Many people suffer from smartphone addiction, where they use their smartphones frequently and for long periods at a time without realizing. Effizienz wird meist in Zeit gemessen und evaluiert. Passende Jobs per Mail erhalten. Ju,., Losasso,., Schaefer,., Warren,. Teamplayer, independent scientific work, creative problem solving. How can familiar concepts such as punch cards or origami help to design intelligible interaction metaphors, that create commitment to the actions we as users perform with technology? Tasks The thesis comprises of the following tasks: Conduct an extensive survey of related research with a focus on personality assessment and attitude towards data sharing.

Hier findest Du Themenvorschlage von Unternehmen, Hochschulen und Forschungsgemeinschaften. Send your application with a transcript of records, examples of your designed models or programming projects (GitHub page is ideal) via email to Changkun. Senden Sie es an u t fortiss. Org/10.1121 2 Wiegand,., Mai,., Hollnder,., Hussmann,. The app will be distributed among participants in spring 2018, which will then use the app for several months. 12th International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications, 9295.

Nicht alle Unternehmen haben aktuell Stellenanzeigen online, jedoch lohnt sich vielleicht der Blick auf die Homepage der Unternehmen. Ber 250 Mitarbeiter spielen mit in der Champions League der IT-Beratung. Tasks: UI design and information visualization: Employ a user-centered design process to design a touch-based UI for a portable measurement instrument for cell research, including aspects such as information visualization and measurement control. Requirements: Interest and experience in music theory. Euro 882.68 pro Monat bezahlt. Those studies can focus on performance as well as on human behavior.

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